One of the vital steps when building a dock is planning its designs and features.

Yes, docks primarily serve as pathways between land and water and for anchoring boats. However, you may also pick designs that serve other purposes depending on your needs and wants.

An example is building a marine structure with appropriate space to perform your exercises right by the water body facing your home.

You may thus wonder about deck designs that will let you comfortably perform your daily workouts. So, read on, and know the best deck features to consider for this purpose.

Eight Best Dock Designs to Accommodate Your Daily Exercise Routines

1.Stationary Dock

Remember that docks generally come in two types: floating and stationary.
Floating decks don’t have stable foundations or pilings, so they tend to move with the waves. On the other hand, stationary decks have solid pilings that connect the structure to the underwater ground.

So, inform your dock builders to make a stationary deck for stability in the workout area. A floating structure is not advisable as it will move a lot while exercising.

2. Composite Decking

Composite decking features a smooth and durable deck surface that is safe and comfortable for your workouts.

The composite material won’t rot or splinter, leaving your deck smooth for a long time despite your rough activities. For example, you don’t have to worry about cracks and splinters that may hurt you while working out barefoot.

3. Sun Deck

A sun deck features an additional flat surface on your dock. So, your marine structure will serve more than just a single pathway to the water.

The extra space can accommodate different activities, including your workouts. It’s vital as many exercise routines require a vast area to perform.

4. Aluminum Roofing

You may also consider adding aluminum roofing to one part of the entire space.

This feature allows you to perform your routines under the shade or the sun. For example, you can go under it in hot weather conditions and into the sun when it’s cool.

5. Ladder and Railings

These support features may look simple, but they can add variety to your workout routines.

Firstl, ladders help you get in and out of the water conveniently. So, you can perform swimming routines anytime you want.

And secondly, railings can serve as support bars for particular routines. You can thus ask the dock builders to install railings made from durable metals for this purpose. Custom metal bar heights also provide support for different exercise positions.

6. Looping Dock

This unique design adds extra space to your marine structure and allows you to perform non-stationary routines like jogging. Thus, you can find a different place for such exercises outside your property.

It features a wide looping path that can serve as a track where you can complete multiple jogging or running laps. The ample space can also accommodate multiple people to perform workout routines simultaneously.

7. Lightings

You may also install sufficient lighting on the posts and roofing of your marine structure for better visibility in the dark. It allows you to do your workouts at night or before sunrise.

However, remember to consider the appropriate power supply for your lights. For example, you may connect it to your home electric supply or install a solar panel on or near the deck.

Moreover, be careful with the electrical wiring as you must keep them away from the water.

8. Equipment Storage

It’s hard to carry heavy and large workout equipment to and from the deck each day. So, consider building a storage space on or near the marine structure for your convenience.

However, your deck should be spacious enough to accommodate a storage room while serving other purposes. For example, you must maintain enough space for your workouts and the structure’s docking functions.

The entire marine structure should also have a solid foundation to keep it from collapsing despite the heavy loads.

Professional Dock Builders for a Marine Structure that Fits Your Workout Routines

You can customize a simple dock and make it perfect for your interests, like building one that can serve as your daily workout space. You only have to remember the design suggestions above to help you plan a structure for your waterfront property.

Moreover, remember it’s better to consult with the best dock builders for high-quality outcomes. They can provide the best materials and build a safe and comfortable structure for your needs.

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