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Deck and Dock Construction

Features of different dock construction materials worth knowing before making your choice

An essential attribute of great docks is the use of the best dock construction materials. The right choice will leave you with a dock durable enough to sustain your purpose and the elements of your climate. You may wonder what the best material is because there are so many to […]
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Docks Build in the Fort Lauderdale, FL.

If you have a waterfront home, you must be aware of the Fort Lauderdale rules for the dock builder. Waterfront homes are built on land that makes up a larger percentage of the overall property value than a traditional home. The land and the moorage it provides makes it much […]
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modern deck in fort lauderdale

What is a deck?

In architecture, a deck is a flat surface that is capable of supporting the weight. It is similar to a floor but it’s typically constructed outdoors. They’re oftentimes connected to a building and elevated from the ground. The deck of a house is generally made of wood, enclosed by a […]
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wood dock front sea

All pier types will need some dock repairs in Fort Lauderdale.

All dock types need special attention in the dock repair process, read until the end and you will get all the information that you need to know before to hire a dock repair service. Docks play an integral part in improving and maintaining your shoreline’s functionality. Just as the shoreline […]
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Dock Repairs cost in fortlauderdale, fl

Factors Affecting Dock Repairs Costs in Fort Lauderdale.

As a waterside homeowner, you naturally wonder how much you may have to pay for dock repairs in Fort Lauderdale. As usual, the cost depends on the problem. Most simple repairs cost about $255 for parts and labor while the more difficult repairs may cost more than $4,000. Homemakers may […]
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dock in fort lauderdale

4 Reasons To Hire A Dock Builder

A boat dock adds style to any waterfront property. It increases the property’s rate and also heightens the enjoyment. There are so many designs and types of boat docks to choose from, there’s sure to be something befitting your shoreline and budget. Talking about budget, you may even consider building […]
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Boat Lifts

Do i really need to buy a boat lift.

Well, you would not be asking this question if you really loved your boat, and knew how important they are to them! You may assume that it is safe to keep boats in water all the time. However, did you know that storing vessels in the water 24/7can prove detrimental […]
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Boat Lifts cable-maintenance-Thaler Contracting Inc

6 Mistakes to avoid while using boat lifts

Now, what was the main reason for you to spend so much on your boat lift? It’s most likely to protect your watercraft when it’s not in use. It ensures your boat stays out of the water, and doesn’t slowly sink or float away. Unfortunately, boat lifts are helpful only […]
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9 Boat lifts Fort Lauderdale maintenance tips worth knowing

Boat lifts fort Lauderdale are a must-have for any boat owner. It makes departures and docking so much easier, and also protects from possible water damage. However, all this is possible only with a well-maintained boat lift. The absence of any routine maintenance not only damages your lift but also […]
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specialty boat lift

What is a specialty boat lift?

Specialty boat lifts are designed for certain applications where the standard boat lift is not the most appropriate method. Maybe due to limitations or personal preferences. Lifts serve a very important purpose for your watercraft. No matter the location, the size of your boat or the body of water it […]
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boat lift together wood dock

How To Select The Right Boat Lifts For Sale!

A boat investment is no joke and should be taken seriously. You need to find a solution to store and protect it when you are not using it. The best option here is a boat lift. It not only protects and stores your boat when idle but also reduces the […]
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elevator boat lift

The Different Types Of Boat Lifts

Owning a boat is something to be proud of. Not everyone has the luck, or privilege to invest in one. After paying so much for the boat, it’s but obvious that you aim to maintain and keep it looking and working at its best all the time. While you have […]
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seawalls construction detailss

Seawalls Construction Advantages and Disadvantages

Coasts and shorelines are exposed to a wide range of erosional processes. These constructions serve to protect areas of human inhabitation, conservation, and leisure activities. Since coasts are constantly exposed to erosion by winds, rivers, as well as the sea, seawalls need to be maintained or repaired. Sometimes, they should […]
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Concrete seawall

Why You Need Seawalls?

Sea walls are nothing new; they have a history spanning thousands of years. Shorelines are important, for cultural reasons and as a major seafood source. They also provide access to transportation and shipping across different lands and countries through the oceans. With us being so indebted and dependent on the […]
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Concrete seawall in fort lauderdale

6 Telltale Signs Of Seawall Repair Or Replacement

One of the beauties of living in a waterfront property is having a beach right out your back door lapping sea water on the seawalls. It is the seawalls which form a protective barrier and defined line between land and the sea. They keep the nearby water away from your […]
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Marine Contractors

House front the sea

7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Marine Contractor

The first thing you need to do if you own a residential or commercial property next to the sea is to build a seawall. Failure to do so may lead to your facing the risks of erosion where the sea carries part of your land. This eventually leaves you with […]
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