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Over 15 years of service working on Decks And Docks Planning, Engineering, Permitting, and Contracting in Fort Lauderdale and Surrounding Areas.

About Our Construction Service Of Decks And Docks.

Here at Thaler Contracting Inc., we are specialists in the construction of decks and docks, the quality of our services surpasses our competitors.

We have a talented team of specialists to build deck, you can trust us, we are experts in the marine construction niche.

We always work with the best marine grade quality materials, thus guaranteeing the duration of your deck or dock.

Our services include planning and design to final build, platform maintenance, and finishing. We handle both residential and commercial projects regardless of size.

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What's the difference between a Deck and a Dock?

From a structural standpoint, there is very little difference between a deck and a dock.  We use the same materials and construction principles.  The main difference is that a deck is an overland while a dock is over water.  To put it another way, a dock is a deck over the water.  The naming convention is not overly important - we know what you mean.

Our More Recent Projects

What We Can DO?

  • Decks And Docks Construction

  • Decks And Docks Inspection

  • Decks And Docks Maintenance

  • Decks And Docks Repair

Characteristics of our services

#1 Marine grade pressure treated lumber. CCA not ACQ.

All stainless-steel hardware, NEVER galvanized.

Decks boards are screwed down, NEVER nailed.

Concrete or Marine grade pressure treated wood pilings.

Stainless Steel Through-bolt framing eliminates hardware failure.

Sub-stringer and stringer construction vs. box framing, for added strength.

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