Seawalls protect your waterfront property by preventing the water from creeping into the land and soil from eroding into the sea.

However, various harsh factors, like marine organisms and intense storm surges, may damage the structure. The water can even corrode the barrier materials and slowly cause damage through the years.

The good news is that a well-maintained seawall lasts long without significant damage. And knowing some sea wall repair tips helps with seawall maintenance. So, read on for a guide on fixing your waterfront barrier.

How to Repair Your Seawall

  • Know More About Your Seawall

Remember that each seawall type requires unique maintenance and repair, and you must apply the proper procedure for your property structure. For example, appropriate marine treatment on wood barriers prevents them from rotting without causing environmental hazards.

You must thus research and know more about your waterfront property seawall to determine the best repair solution it needs. Connecting with your marine contractor also helps you know these details.

  • Observe Proper Maintenance

Properly maintaining your seawall helps prevent significant damage that requires intensive repair or replacing the entire structure. So, remember these vital maintenance steps:

  • Waterproofing the sea barrier prevents the rotting of wooden structures and prolongs the life of stone and concrete seawalls. Remember that constant water exposure may also end up reshaping or breaking stones.
  • Regularly inspect the entire structure to spot damages in its early stages so that you immediately fix the barriers and prevent further problems.
  • Routinely clean the structure to remove debris and vegetation that may cause damage. Thoroughly clean the wall’s surfaces and unclog the weep holes to maintain efficient water flow. Weep holes allow water from your property to flow out to the sea, like rainwater.
  • Regularly check the rip-rap and add new stones if needed. The rip-rap is the layer of rocks in front of the barrier that minimizes soil erosion. Remember that preventing soil erosion keeps sufficient ground support for your marine structure.
  • Fix Small Cracks

Call a marine contractor if you notice small cracks upon inspecting your seawall. An expert will check the damage to see if it’s only a minor problem or a sign of a more significant structural issue.

If the contractor confirms it’s only a minor problem, you may fix the crack yourself. However, use the correct materials like seawall concrete or marine grout to ensure the fix lasts long.

  • Hire a Professional Seawall Repair Service

You can fix the structure yourself if it only has a small crack. However, significant problems require professional solutions that involve sufficient skills and tools.

For example, suppose you have to replace large stone slabs to address severe damage. You must then use professional machines to shape the stones and put it in place.

Some common signs of severe damage that require professional sea wall repair are:

  • Huge cracks and broken-off chunks
  • Displaced or knocked off panels
  • Corrosion or rust on metal beams
  • Misalignment or if the structure leans too much to the front or back
  • Moving or shaky seawall
  • Excessive soil erosion around the structure

Now, in finding a reliable marine contractor to hire, remember to select one with:

  • Long years of service in the industry to ensure they have sufficient experience on the task
  • Sufficient licenses and insurance to get services that meet legal standards
  • The best and updated machines and equipment for an efficient project
  • Adequate warranty coverage so they can address problems that may arise after the project
  • Consider Replacement

In worst cases, you may have to replace the entire seawall if it sustained severe damage, like when a strong earthquake caused it to fall. Another example is when the barrier is already moving and may drop anytime.

You have to call a professional seawall builder to replace the entire structure. Moreover, prepare your budget as the construction project could cost thousands of dollars.

It’s thus vital to have a reliable structure from the start that can withstand harsh factors. Also, observe regular maintenance and fix minor problems immediately to prevent severe damage.

Quality Sea Wall Repair Service from the Best Marine Contractor

Remember the tips above to immediately fix your seawall and keep it in good condition for a long time. That’s crucial for the barrier to keep your waterfront property safe from water damage.

And remember to hire a professional sea wall repair contractor to help ensure the structure’s excellent shape.

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