Do you wonder if you should hire a piling company to construct your deck?

Perhaps you wonder if it’s worth spending an extra amount on their services. You may wonder if installing pilings and building a good-quality deck yourself is possible.

Unfortunately, not many know that they benefit from hiring a professional piling company for the following reasons.

5 Reasons to hire a reliable piling company for your deck construction

Here are the reasons and benefits of hiring a professional piling service to lay your deck’s foundation.

1 – The company will conduct a professional geotechnical survey.

It’s crucial to know more about the area where you want to construct a deck before installing the piles. And only the correct piling experts can thoroughly survey the location to collect all the necessary information like:

Land type

The land for constructing your deck affects the piling you need. Failure in doing so may lead to an unreliable deck foundation.

For instance, the piling experts will determine the local soil density to know the ideal piling depth for your deck. They may also recommend particular pile types depending on you want to build a dock or an overwater deck.

Piling depth

The piles will carry your deck’s weight and transfer the load to an ideal layer underground. The thing is that the correct depth may be a few hundred feet below the surface.

Only a piling engineer can determine the correct depth for a deck’s foundation. Aside from the land type, they will also consider other factors like estimated weight and underground soil condition. And they will use professional land surveying tools and skills to produce accurate results before the pile installation.

Underground obstructions

Professional piling contractors will also determine possible underground obstructions the piles may hit, like large rocks and utility lines.

Large underground rocks may make pile driving difficult. You may need to pull out the piling and try reinstalling it on a different point if you hit these rocks.

On the other hand, hitting utility lines may lead to horrible accidents like bursting gas pipes. 

2 – They provide correct quality piles

Reliable piling contractors will also help you determine the correct pile types for your project. They will consider your deck construction’s environment, the structure’s estimated weight, and your budget.

For example, if you want to build a dock by a beach, they may suggest fiberglass piles because they don’t rot or rust with water exposure. However, they may also recommend treated wood or steel with anti-corrosion protection if you want something affordable.

After selecting the correct pile type, reliable piling companies will deliver high-quality, long-lasting products. 

3- They professionally install the piling

A piling expert will install the piles using proper machines and techniques to speed up the installation while ensuring quality outcomes.

For example, they will ensure each pile drives through the ground while preventing misalignment. Moreover, the contractors will also avoid any possible surrounding damage because by the installation.

4 – They’ll Secure legal compliance

You need to follow particular legal regulations and requirements when constructing a deck.

A professional piling contractor will secure all required construction permits before installing a pile. It helps you avoid penalties for skipping legal requirements.

Moreover, piling experts follow all legal regulations for the project. For example, they won’t use harmful substances as a protective agent for each pile. They may also use the correct machines to minimize the noise that may disturb your neighborhood.

5- Get a Construction Guarantee

Lastly, a piling company will give you a reasonable guarantee after installing the piles. 

A construction guarantee involves an agreement that the contractor will replace any faulty products or services they had provided. They will also be liable if the problem results in injuries or damages, like in the case of a deck collapse.

However, you can only claim for liabilities from the contractor within the agreed period indicated in the guarantee. For example, you noticed severe rusting with the steel piling 15 years after the installation. The contractor won’t replace the piling if the guarantee coverage is only up to 10 years.

In addition, the problem must result from product or installation issues and not from your misuse of the piling.

Call the Best Piling Company for Quality Deck Foundation

You may choose to install the pilings yourself, but only a professional contractor offers the benefits listed above. They provide a reliable foundation crucial for building a quality deck.

So, hiring the best piling company may be the best decision for constructing your deck.

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