Seawalls are vital for waterfront properties because they protect the area from the water. They keep the water from causing floods and damaging the property. They also prevent soil erosion, which helps maintain the stability of other land structures in the place.

However, you must choose the best seawall construction materials to serve these functions in your waterfront property. The problem is that there are many different materials for seawall, and it could be challenging to select one.

Thus, know the best materials for building a seawall and learn how to select one for your project.

Best seawall construction materials for your waterfront property


Metal is excellent for building a seawall because it’s cheap, strong, and durable. It can serve as a retainer to keep the soil from falling into the water. And it can also last for around 25 years, despite constant water exposure.

However, always select the correct type of metal for a reliable seawall.

Aluminum is an excellent option, but it’s not strong enough for high seawalls. 

You may also consider steel, especially steel sheet piles. These are steel piles that interlock together to form a durable sheet barrier. However, steel seawalls require protective coatings to prevent corrosion.

Consult a reliable piling contractor for this option.


Concrete is one of the most popular seawall materials that can create a powerful waterfront barrier. It can help you build a high seawall that will last for 30 years or more as water and weather elements won’t damage concrete panels.

However, you need to hire reliable experts to build a concrete seawall on your property because:

  • They know the correct concrete composition for a seawall to withstand weather elements and the PH level of the water in your area.
  • They will use proper concrete pouring techniques for the best outcomes.
  • They ensure that the concrete won’t cause hazards to marine organisms.

Large boulders

You may also consider large boulders for your seawall project. These rocks can keep the soil in place and control the water efficiently.

The boulders also look great because of their natural appearance. Moreover, they can last for a long time without additional protection.

However, you need expert help when using boulders for a seawall project. Contractors can help handle heavy boulders, properly shape them, and put them in the right place for the best outcomes.


Vinyl is a popular plastic used for thousands of products and is suitable for seawalls too. It efficiently stops water from creeping into waterfront properties because of its water-resistance feature. Moreover, it has colors and designs that could suit your preference.

The thing is that vinyl is not as strong as concrete or metal. Thus, vinyl alone is not applicable for large or high seawalls.

However, you may use this material to cover concrete or metal seawalls to boost your seawall’s appearance and protect it from harsh weather elements.


People have been using wood as seawalls for hundreds of years ago. Some wood types are durable enough and could serve as retainers that protect waterfront properties. 

However, wood is prone to rot and decay, and marine organisms may bore holes through it. Thus, you must select the correct hardwood type with proper treatment and coating.

Choosing your materials for seawall construction

Now, here are some crucial considerations to remember while selecting a seawall project material:


The seawall size will help you select the suitable material because a giant seawall must be able to withstand the excessive soil and water force. That also includes how deep a seawall should be.

Remember that some materials, like vinyl, are only strong enough and suitable for small seawalls.


Environmental factors can affect seawall material options. For example, concrete and boulders are excellent options if there are frequent harsh waves and storms in your place.


Depending on the purpose, the seawall appearance may also affect your decision, like while building seawalls for a resort.

In this case, you need materials that can create an impressive design like concrete, boulders, or vinyl.


You should also select the best material that fits your budget.

However, always remember to avoid unbelievably cheap options, and they will only lead to future significant repair and maintenance costs.

Call the best marine contractor for quality seawall construction

The materials above can help you construct a seawall for your waterfront property. However, you must select one that suits your seawall construction.

It’s thus better to consult a reliable marine contractor to discuss your project and help you build a high-quality seawall.

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