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About Our Seawall Construction Service

Seawalls take a beating over the years with heavy boat traffic, tidal changes and erosion not to mention our summer rainstorms that can pose a serious risk to your seawall. If your seawall is not routinely maintained it can and will fail.

Some of the warning signs if caught early enough can help save your seawall. Below is a shortlist of some warning signs to look for. If you have any of these signs you should call us for your free evaluation.

With more than 15 years of experience in seawall construction, Thaler Contracting will replace, maintain or repair your seawall using the highest quality materials and methods.

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Types of Seawalls

There are several different types of seawalls made with a range of materials. The type of seawall you choose will depend on the size of your property, your budget, and a range of other factors.

seawall of steel

Aluminum Seawalls

Aluminum is both economical and sturdy, making it an excellent material for your seawall. Metal, in general, is designed to stand up well to a range of weather conditions, making it a wise choice in terms of both initial construction and longevity.

seawall of concrete

Concrete Seawalls

Concrete seawalls, which may include steel or other metal reinforcements, are one of the most durable seawall materials. Intended to last for fifty years or more under the conditions you're most likely to experience living near the water--including rain, waves, and salt water--concrete seawalls are made tough.

seawall of vinyl

Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl seawalls are a more economical option that will allow you to more quickly and inexpensively install a seawall on your property. They provide an effective buffer against the waves that may encroach on your property, preventing you from losing soil and rocks across your property.

composite seawall

Composite Seawalls

Composite seawalls aren't as tough as concrete or steel, but they will allow for a faster installation. They are made of pre-colored materials that are easy to install on your property, which means they'll be more likely to maintain their look long-term than other materials, which may need to be stained or painted in order to be maintained.

Holes or depressions in your yard along the seawall. Loss of soil.

Cracks along the top of the seawall cap.

Horizontal or vertical cracks in the seawall panels.

Missing grout between the T piles and panels.

Undermining of the seawall panels. Erosion at the base of the wall

Excessive soil or sand on top of the footer.

Dipping, sagging or bowing outward seawall.

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T pile seam sealing and coral rock wall refacing is recommended every 3-5 years or as needed.

Backfill cavities and depressions that form behind the wall.

Install weep holes to help reduce static pressure, install concrete batter pilings and a new seawall cap, install concrete pin pilings and wall pilasters.

When repairs are no longer an acceptable option the strongest protection for your waterfront property is a precast concrete batter pile and king pile seawall.

Repair methods that support a wall from the waterside include concrete batter pilings, concrete pin pilings, and wall pilasters.

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