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Do you have plans on repairing your old seawall? Thaler Contracting Inc has the answer to all of your construction needs! For many years we have been helping customers achieve the look that they want for their seawalls. That is why we are recognized as the best seawall builder in the area. Call us now to get the best seawall repair in Lighthouse Point, FL.

seawall repair in Lighthouse Point, FL.

Thaler Contracting Inc is known as the leading seawall contractor in the area due to our ability to pay attention even to the smallest details of your project. We guarantee you that all of your construction dreams are safe in our hands!

We are experts in both residential or commercial projects. You can call us if you need general repair or a new construction project. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for your next project!

If you’re starting plans on repairing your old seawall, then you need to turn to Thaler Contracting Inc! We work with a licensed team of professionals that will ensure to take all of your ideas and turn them into a reality. There is no project that is too difficult for us to handle! We guarantee you we will deliver the results you expected.


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Thaler Contracting Inc Offers the Best Seawall Repair in Lighthouse Point FL

Thaler Contracting Inc has been operating in Lighthouse Point for many years, serving both residential and commercial customers with the highest quality seawall repair services. Our goal is to help every client achieve what they have always dreamt of for their home or business.

Best Seawall Repair in Lighthouse Point FL

From the moment you first call our experts until the day we deliver the final result, we guarantee personalized attention to you and your project. We offer all of our services at the best prices that compare to no other company. When you choose to work with us, you choose perfection.

We have maintained our position as the leading seawall construction company in the area due to our high standards of quality, punctuality, professionalism, and excellence. Our mission is to keep every client satisfied with the work we deliver.

From changing foundations to upgrading the entire space, we will help you turn your seawall into what you have always wanted. Our team will work together with you to understand your specific ideas and incorporate them into the project.

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Seawall Failure Symptoms and How Can We Help You

If your seawall has some major holes or even minor cracks, let our experts at Thaler Contracting Inc repair it for you. Our team uses professional and proper materials and tools to make sure we deliver high-quality results. We guarantee you will get a smooth and seamless surface!

Seawall Failure Symptoms and How Can We Help You

The only thing you have to do is approach the structure and identify if there is any type of damage. Our recommendation is that you repair the cracks immediately or the problem could quickly escalate and the repairs will be more expensive. Common signs of boardwalk failure include:

  • Voids Forming Nearby: If you notice that gaps have formed under the boardwalk, then there is a gap between the boardwalk and the ground due to erosion. This is a serious problem so you must act quickly. If you allow time to pass then further erosion will occur and could cause serious structural problems on your property.
  • Seawall Bulging/Rotating: This is one of the most common problems that your boardwalk can face. Bumps are caused by movement of the soil underneath or by age and can lead to cracks and erosion.
  • Bowing and Leaning: The problem with this type of sign is that it clearly indicates that there are leaks and screams on your seawall. Therefore; the entire structure may be damaged.
  • Cracks in Seawall: We know that we are all familiar with this problem, but that does not mean that it is not serious. Once the cracks are formed on the surface of the seawall then you are only going to face problems.

Get In Touch with Thaler Contracting Inc to Get the Best Seawall Repair in Lighthouse Point FL

Our team has the experience to help you repair all sizes of seawalls no matter what the problem is. We are experts treating all types of damage including cracks, holes, structural damage, cosmetic damage and much more. Let us take care of everything and get quality results at a low price.

We will help you repair the damages your seawall has, as well as install brand new for your home or business. Contact our team today to schedule a free estimate!

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