Seawall Repair Methods

If you live near water, your property most likely has a boardwalk. We know that these structures are very resistant, but with the passage of time they can be damaged and you must learn how to repair them. That is why we created this guide to teach you which are the best seawall repair methods.

Boardwalks are essential for many seaside properties as they help prevent soil erosion. They are also capable of preventing water from invading your property. Unfortunately, breakwaters are constantly under the impact of waves and water from the sea or lake. Therefore, this makes them constantly vulnerable to damage.

Salt water is perhaps one of the most destructive substances on earth. Water can get into the smallest crack in your breakwater and quickly erode the cement to damage the entire structure. That is why an insignificant crack can quickly turn into a hole.

We recommend that you conduct regular wall inspections and repair any damage you find before it becomes a major problem.

Is My Seawall in Need of Professional Repair?

This is one of the questions you should ask yourself. If you see that your drywall is badly damaged then it is better that you ask for professional help. Anything larger than small cracks in your boardwalk will likely require professional help to repair.

Don’t delay in calling the experts at Thaler Contracting Inc. A small crack can turn into a big problem if not treated in time. To repair a seawall you need a lot of experience; That is why you should leave this task to an expert.

Damages That Require Professional Assistance

Damages That Require Professional Assistance in Seawall Repair Methods

There are a wide variety of situations in which you will need professional help. As we already mentioned, quality materials are required to repair a seawall correctly. That is why the best thing you can do is call an expert and ask for help. These are some of the damages that you cannot repair yourself:

  • Cracks
  • Severe erosion
  • Panels separation
  • Cap/wall leaning forward or back
  • Wall bowing or bulging in the middle
  • Seawall moving

Whether it’s structural damage or a loss of soil containment, all of these issues need to be addressed by levee specialists to make sure they’re properly repaired to protect your property.

If you need a breakwater repair, then the first step is to get a trusted professional opinion. The problem is that seawall repairs can be expensive; therefore, you must advise yourself well. Our team can offer you expert advice. We have the experience to help you make the right decisions.

You should not spend a large amount of money on a quick fix because then you will have to repeat the process shortly after. Let us help you with your situation before it becomes an emergency. When it comes to seawall repairs, it must be done right the first time.

How Will Professionals Fix My Seawall?

Seawall Professional Fix in Florida

After an initial inspection, the repair specialist will present you with the options available to fix your problem. This can include replacing the entire wall in cases of severe damage, or just replacing parts of the wall. You can also fill the cracks with resins, replace the eroded soil with fill earth or even use soil injected with resin. Any of these processes will ensure a successful repair.

If your breakwater is too damaged then it may require the installation of a completely new structure. Although it may not be good news at the moment, this is an opportunity to update your boardwalk. In other words, you can adopt new ideas and use modern materials to improve its appearance.

The need to replace your breakwater is the last resort for most homeowners. But that decision must be made depending on the state of your seawall. Most of the damages can be repaired, but we advise you to follow the recommendations of an expert. Do not make decisions without first consulting with someone who has experience in these types of projects.

Call Thaler Contracting INC to Get Professional Solutions

The experts at Thaler Contracting Inc help our clients carry out high-quality, long-lasting repairs. Based on studies and diagnoses of the cause that originates the deterioration, it is possible to develop a clear repair strategy, using the appropriate products to guarantee the integrity and protection of the structures in the long term.

Seawalls are exposed to damages of various kinds, either by physical impacts or poor workmanship, or errors in the design of the structure. The repair of these elements is a key activity to be able to maintain and extend their useful life.

We have the necessary products and technologies to be able to help our clients in the restoration of their project.

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