The dock is often the pride of every boat owner. It’s where you safely park your vessel at the end of the day or trip, safe until the next trip. However, like everything else, wear and tear can take its toll. That’s why it’s important to review the key signs you need a new dock.

And soon, you may end up feeling ashamed and not proud of it. Instead of waiting till there is no respite, it’s better to know the signs you need a new dock. And that’s when you must turn to a piling company to renovate and replace the existing pier. 

Here are the tell-tale signs of a worn-out dock. 

Key 7 signs you need a new dock

signs that you need a new dock

A beautiful wooden pier by the calm ocean with the beautiful sunset over the horizon
signs you need a new dock

Walking on your dock is no longer safe

Sometimes it’s not the looks. You don’t feel safe on the dock as before, which you need to look into. The port may no longer be safe if you constantly hear its creaking and strange sounds. 

You definitely should consider looking for a piling company if you no longer feel safe walking on your dock! A new dock makes you feel safe and confident while walking on the pier and working on your boat. 

Cracks and warping in various spots

You most probably need a new dock if some boards:

  • Have significant gaps running down the middle
  • Warp and lose their original shape
  • Look like they may fall off any second

Cracked and warped boards should be replaced as they only worsen with time, to affect both the dock’s looks and safety. 

Signs of rotting

Moisture can, over the years, cause havoc to a wooden dock and lead to its rotting. Most people carefully place sealers over a new pier for maintenance reasons. They, however, tend to make less of an effort to protect their wooden dock with time. And this leads to a rotting dock and its possible end.

Moss, mildew, and algae growth on the dock

If there’s moss, algae, mildew and more growing on the dock, it’s most probably because you’ve stopped cleaning your dock. Moisture and shade lead to its growth. While you can wash out a small amount, you’re in trouble if it covers most of the dock surface. 

The moss, algae, and mildew can make the wooden deck rot. And the best way to prevent it from growing in the first place is by replacing the dock as soon as possible. 

Possible weak dock foundation

Wooden piling driven deep into the dock foundation help the dock last long. However, the dock pilings risk breaking down and weakening their foundation with time, thus causing dock issues.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to test to see what the old dock’s foundation is like. You don’t know what’s happening underwater and to the foundation. 

However, do not ignore things if you suspect something is wrong with the dock’s pilings and foundation system. Call your piling company at the first signs of a possible weak dock foundation as you may need a new dock. 

The boat is bigger than your old dock

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with your old dock, and it may be as strong as it was when you first installed it. However, the problem may lie in the fact that it’s not large enough for your new boat. In this case, you can either somehow add to the dock or replace it to accommodate your new boat. 

The dock is old

Not all docks last the same; they have different life spans. For example, docks with pressure-treated wood may last about 20 years, while ports made of composite materials last much longer.

Whatever the material, just like age catches up with us, your dock, too, will one day get old. And that’s when the only solution lies in installing a new port. 

Your piling company can help identify the signs you need a new dock

If you notice at least one of these seven tell-tale signs, it means that you may either have to replace or buy a new dock. In this case, it’s better to turn to your piling company for assistance. 

The piling company experts will help you choose the suitable materials to get the job done and ensure the dock lasts for years to come. They will come up with a good design using the best materials to ensure you end up with a port that will serve you and your boat for a long time to come!

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