A boat dock adds style to any waterfront property. It increases the property’s rate and also heightens the enjoyment. There are so many designs and types of boat docks to choose from, there’s sure to be something befitting your shoreline and budget.

Talking about budget, you may even consider building your own dock, especially if you are handy with building things. However, this is easier said than done! There’s lots more going into building a dock that you may envision.

Why you should hire boat dock builders

The main reason it’s better to leave the job to professional boat dock builders is that you have to build one based on your locality’s guidelines and regulations. There are a few things you should be aware of before even thinking about starting the project.

  • Know the right tools and supplies

For example, you have to know what tools and supplies are needed to build a new dock, or even to repair or replace an old one. You will also need to get a permit for private dock construction upon meeting specific requirements.

Of course, you can always visit the library or use the internet to read up about these guidelines and regulations. This takes up lots of precious time for you to read and understand whatever is mentioned here.

  • Know rules and regulations

Professional boat dock builders, however, know all these regulations like the back of their hand because they deal with it on an everyday basis. They have built so many docks, they know what’s needed, and what they can and cannot do. Don’t try to cut costs, and time by building a dock without a permit. This not only affects your property value but may also lead to extra fees to pay.

  • Know the latest shoreline management techniques

Another reason to hire professionals is that they know the latest shoreline management techniques, and will implement it in your dock design. They also know about the best materials to use to build a strong and long lasting dock for your waterfront property.

  • Practical about designs

Last, but not least, they know quite a few designs to implement in your dock. While you may be able to find some beautiful designs online, you won’t know which looks best and is safest for your property. Professional boat dock builders know all this and will select the best design for your budget and property.

How to select the right boat dock builder

Now that you know why you should hire professionals to build your dock, the next problem you may have is finding the right people for the job. There are so many builders to choose from, that you may find the following tips helpful in selecting a good boat dock builder.

  • Experience

Look for someone experienced in building docks. Just because docks are similar to house decks doesn’t mean that you can hire deck builders to build your dock. Deck builders know how to build decks and know nothing about the ins and outs of pile driving into submerged sediments. Only experience dock builders know all this, and how to build a dock that will last the test of weather and time.

  • Ability to build to requirements

Look for someone who will be able to build a dock to your design and requirement. They should be able to work with you and make changes where required. However, be ready to be charged extra for any new ideas or changes you make in the middle of construction.  

  • Customer reviews

Professionalism is a very important factor to consider while selecting boat dock builders. The best way to find out who the more professional builder is through a few probable builders is by going through their customer reviews.

you may find some reviews online, it’s worth it, and better if you manage to talk to their past customers personally to ask them their experience working with the boat dock builder.

So if you have always harbored a wish to build a dock, you now know why it’s not advisable to do it as a DIY project. You should instead hire the right professional boat dock builders using the 3 tips mentioned above.

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