One of the beauties of living in a waterfront property is having a beach right out your back door lapping sea water on the seawalls. It is the seawalls which form a protective barrier and defined line between land and the sea.

They keep the nearby water away from your property and protect your property from possible shore erosion, damage, and flooding. However, most people take their seawalls for granted and don’t do much seawall repair.

What do seawalls do?

Seawalls are relatively cheaper than other shoreline defense options and will keep you safe from nature’s fury if it’s well maintained. A well-maintained seawall can serve and protect you for as many as 30-50 years.

However if you don’t maintain it well with proper and periodic repairs, then you may have to repair or replace it within as little as 20 years.

Unfortunately, most people ignore seawalls and the waves’ high energy end up weakening its integrity. This is when you have to resort to seawall repairs or worse still seawall replacement to keep your property safe.

What are the signs for seawall repair or replacement?

The best way to find out if your seawall needs repair or replacement is by examining it. look for the following signs to decide if your seawall needs repair or replacement:

  • Parts of the seawall having cracks or breaks off
  • Signs of deterioration in some slabs
  • Some concrete slabs seem to be leaning
  • The loss of soil behind the wall
  • Presence of rust stains
  • The stress beam that seems to be falling

It’s better to consider seawall repair as quickly as possible if you see any of these signs on your seawall. Seawall repair will also help avoid possible extensive excavation or seawall demolition.

There are some other benefits and reasons for seawall repair or replacement like:

  • It’s done without any demolition
  • It can be done quickly, usually within a single day.
  • The seawall improves your property’s aesthetics and consequently, its value too.
  • It helps prevent any possible and unnecessary damage to the surroundings.

Differences between Seawall Repair and Replacement.

Seawall Repair

While you may think that seawall repair is a temporary solution, it’s a more viable and logical option for your seashore. No matter what you do to the seawall, it still has to endure Mother Nature’s wrath and fury every day.

You cannot stop or avoid it, but you can at least prevent possible hazards and damages by keeping the seawalls well maintained.

Seawall Replacement

If you don’t want to, or if it’s too late, then the only option you have when the seawall starts cracking is a seawall replacement.

However, this is a very expensive procedure especially if there is no easy access to the seawall, where you have to spend thousands on a barge for a replacement.

Even a replacement isn’t a permanent solution because the constant water surges and storms keep eroding the seawall. Some people even try filling up gaps using aggregate but it eventfully deteriorates the seawall.

Seawall Repair Is Better

Comparing the two available options, seawall repair seems to be a better and more logical option to preserve your seawall’s integrity. Remember, no matter what you do, the seawall is continuously and slowly aging, and will not even give you any hints of failing.

If you don’t keep checking and maintaining the seawall with periodical seawall repair, it may eventually one day take your property and home with it right into the water.

Without any insurance coverage available for seawalls, it’s better to have it properly and well maintained and be better off safe than sorry. Even the fees you pay professionals for seawall maintenance will definitely be much less than the disastrous bills, loss, and inconvenience you have to face if the seawall fails.

So don’t waste time if you have waterfront property. Pick up your phone, and call the professional Thaler Contracting for an initial free consultation and decide if you need a seawall repair or replacement.

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