Boat lifts fort Lauderdale are a must-have for any boat owner. It makes departures and docking so much easier, and also protects from possible water damage.

However, all this is possible only with a well-maintained boat lift. The absence of any routine maintenance not only damages your lift but also eventually leads to expensive and complicated repairs.

Here are a few useful tips that will keep your lift working well to serve you for many years to come.

1.     Check for, and prevent rusty lift cables

Always check and ensure your lift cables wind correctly. Also, check them for rust spots, fraying, and any signs of wear and tear, which may mean that it’s time to replace them.

When it comes to maintenance, always wash the cables with fresh water after use to prevent the saltwater from corroding it. Similarly, don’t leave the cables dangling in the water when not in use. The salt leads to rust, which only ends up dramatically reducing the cables’ life.

Lubricating the cables with penetrating oil help because cables tend to move and rub against each other in regular use. The oil lubricates the core inner strands and the exterior surface, to prolong the cables’ life.

However, please don’t make the mistake of using grease for lubrication purposes. It only ends up trapping moisture within the cable strands.

2.     Replace cables if necessary


No matter how well you maintain your wires, manufacturers generally suggest replacing them after two years of regular use. Failure to do so only leads to lift, dock and boat damage, and possible injury.

The problem is that you can’t just randomly change cables. You have to consider the entire boat lift’s needs. Yes, stainless steel is a better option because it lasts longer in saltwater.

However, it also requires a different sheave and drum size than galvanized cables. Your boat lift fort Lauderdale expert will be the best person to decide which cables your lift requires.


3.     Rinse lift beams


Just like the cables, make it a point to rinse your lift beam with fresh water after every use. Not doing so only leads to the salt corroding the shaft and quickly weakening it.

It also helps to keep the lift beams out of the water as much as possible to reduce saltwater interaction and electrolysis.

4.     Don’t forget the weight capacity


All boat lifts can carry a specific weight load, and overloading it only leads to dire consequences. It’s better to stick to the weight capacity for safety and longevity reasons.

5.     Avoid sitting on the boat while it’s on the lift


Do not jump in and out of the boat when it’s on the lift. It strains the cabling and hoists motor.

6.     Keep the boat unplugged when on the boat lift

There is a massive possibility of rainwater collecting in the boat when you are away. It only adds to your boat’s weight, and in turn, stresses the lift’s wiring and hoist.

The solution to this lies in leaving the plug open so that water can’t collect in it, thus helping the boat maintain its weight.

7.     Check the drum while the cable winds

Slacked cables only lead to tangling and additional damage. It can be avoided by monitoring the cable while it winds onto the drum. Moreover, wear only ends up shortening the cables’ life.

8.     Maintain proper pulley alignment

Always maintain adequate pulley alignment because improperly aligned sheaves only strain the cable. It ends up shortening the cable and pulley life.

The pulleys also have to be greased every 4-6 months to reduce friction between the sheaves and sheave mounts. Failure to do so only leads to squeaky pulleys and a possible eventual seize up.

Check all nuts and bolts to ensure they are tight because a single loose bolt is more than enough to create havoc.

9.     Check bunks

Don’t forget to periodically check the bunks for tears, worn out carpets, or for broken cracked or rotten wood. The bunk brackets also have to be examined for cracks and signs of wear.

If necessary, adjust the bunk bracket position to ensure tight hardware. Remember, frequent use and exposure to saltwater may lead to a bunk replacement.

While following these 9 maintenance tips will help prolong your boat lift’s life and save you money, you may not have the time do to it.

Don’t worry. Your Boat Lifts Fort Lauderdale expert is ready to take care of your boat lift maintenance for optimal performance.

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