All you needed to know about dock repair Pompano Beach Florida but didn’t know who to ask

dock repair Pompano Beach Florida

As the owner of a home near a pond or lake, your annual maintenance routine may also include dock maintenance and repairs. It doesn’t matter what material your dock is.

Its dock edges, pilings, and railings are the most exposed to the harsh elements of nature. They are vital to your dock’s integrity because they provide the first line of defense against sun, wind, boaters, and waves.

So with time and wear and tear, it’s no wonder that even treated wood ends up degraded. While degradation is unavoidable you can at least nip small problems in the bud before they grow into substantial repairs.

Here are some of the types of dock repair in Pompano Beach Florida, you may expect to make:

1. Wood replacement

Wood replacement in pompano beach

There’s no point trying to repair any of the rotted wood railings or pilings. It’s better to replace them, preferably with composites. Yes, you may have to pay more for them, but they are longer lasting than treated wood.

Besides, they are also environment-friendly.

However don’t forget to first check the local regulations about using treated wood. It is because most lakes don’t permit any construction and repair with creosote-treated wood.

And the reason is that its chemicals tend to leach from the wood into the lake water. This is harmful to the environment.

The other docking options you can consider for wood replacement are aluminum and vinyl. Vinyl has become rather popular today because of its longevity. Even cedar-look aluminum decking with UV protection is now rather popular.

2. Which is better? Screws or nails?

Screws or nails for dock construction

If you are undecided between using screws or nails for all your dock repair and installation work, well, nails are not used that much anymore.

The only situation where nails may be used is with harder dock wood like cedar.

Today it is galvanized or coated decking screws which are more popularly used. It’s because they are longer-lasting, easily installed, and tightly fasten together dock components.

3. Replacing edging or rub rails

Replacing edging or rub rails for dock construction in Pompano Beach

If you are thinking of replacing those hoses and tires on dock edges, you have a variety of quality vinyl dock edgings to choose from.

You only have to remember to select a marine-grade product.

These products do not deteriorate quickly, or crack with sun exposure and temperature fluctuations.

4. Use of stain and preservatives

4. Use of stain and preservatives

Stain and preservatives are used more for preventive and maintenance reasons. The right product protects the wood surfaces, and prevents possible wood rot and decay. It in turn saves lots of extensive repairs and money.

The best stain for your deck is a deep-penetrating one. Form filming wood stains or paints is not advised for wood surfaces because they may end up peeling and flaking.

Besides, the moisture around the wood deck, and the form filming stain make a terrible combination.

Mold and mildew is unavoidable in Florida’s high moisture conditions which eventually leads to wood rot and decay. It however can be prevented by using stains resistant to these natural contaminants.

Similarly, the constant exposure of wood decks to full sun leads to the quick fading of wood. So a stain with excellent UV protection makes a great choice.

When it comes to a new wood preservative for the dock, the following factors help influence your choice.

Fungicidal wood preservatives protect against surface rot, decay, mold, and mildew. It should also be water repellent to resist water damage like warping, end checking, and swelling.

A water-based wood preservative is a good choice because they are easy to apply.

It’s better to apply your stain and preservative after thoroughly cleaning your dock for longer-lasting effects. An off-season application is also better when the water levels are low.

It lets you cover most of the dock while keeping the stain away from water.

Remember, the rains in Florida can wreak havoc on docks and especially make them look weathered. Besides, there is also the risk of rails getting lost or supporting parts getting old and weak.

Periodical maintenance and timely repair can help prevent all of this by nipping bigger problems in the bud.

And with so much involved in dock repairs and maintenance, it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Dock repair Pompano Beach Florida experts know the right products and techniques to use to make your dock look new and functional.

They even use accessories like dock cleats and fenders, line supports, piling caps and wraps, line support, mooring whips, and dock ladders to extend your dock’s life.


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