Docks are valuable structures that optimize waterfront properties because they serve different purposes, aside from tying up and anchoring your boat. The right dock features can let you relax by the water, build a workshop, and even serve as an area to clean fresh fish.

The thing is that dock construction is different from other home improvement projects.

You have to remember some vital factors for a structure that will serve your purpose for a long time. And it would help if you also avoid some critical dock construction mistakes that could lead you to unwanted outcomes like structure collapse.

7 dock construction mistakes you must avoid right now

Failure in planning a purpose for the structure

A dock is primarily used for anchoring your boat, but it could serve other functions too.

Good examples include an area for cleaning fish if you love fishing or an art gallery if you are an artist. You may also put some chairs, a table, and a shade for a place to relax by the water.

The thing is that it’s better to plan the dock function before construction than to decide after building it. This helps ensure the platform has the correct features to serve a specific function.

For example, you want to build a handyman’s workshop on the platform. Thus, the structure should be strong enough so it won’t collapse when you bring heavy objects. It should also have proper lighting and enough electric supply.

Failure in getting correct materials and tools

Using the best dock construction materials helps build a reliable platform that won’t collapse.

There are different materials to choose from, like hardwood, vinyl, or composites. Whichever you choose, the best quality material provides for a longer-lasting structure. Also, consider materials having an additional coating to protect the dock from constant water exposure and harsh weather conditions.

You also need water-resistant tools for the project, like galvanized nails and screws. Moreover, be careful while selecting accessories like lighting and furnishing. Select something that can withstand the outdoor climate through the years.

Setting aside safety precautions

Never compromise on safety while building a dock. Please include it in your plan to keep you and other people safe during and after the construction.

As mentioned above, selecting high-quality materials helps prevent structure collapse. It’s also crucial to install safety features like railings to control people and objects from accidentally falling into the water.

Moreover, be careful when using electrical tools during construction to avoid electrocution. Keep electrical wires away from the water, even if they have water-resistant coatings. It’s also better to use battery-operated construction gadgets instead.

Skipping the planning stage

Knowing the structure’s purpose, materials, and safety features is not enough; you also have to club your ideas and plan your dock.

Research more about how to proceed with the construction to avoid errors. You may need to use the help of diagrams and layouts to get a clear picture of the results you want. 

Failure in setting the proper budget

Building a dock is an expensive project, and you need to spend on quality materials and tools and hire a good contractor for the job. You may thus end up with unexpected costs if you don’t first calculate and decide on your budget. 

Thus, research the price of all materials you need and get a price quote from the contractor. Then, track all ongoing expenses to ensure the project sticks to your budget.

Not securing necessary permits

Most states require permits for building any structures on or beside a body of water. These permits ensure that waterfront structures follow regulations to avoid damaging the environment.

The local government can stop your construction project and charge a penalty if you don’t secure the necessary permits.

Opting not to hire a reliable contractor

Many homeowners don’t hire professional contractors for building docks because they think the service is an unnecessary cost.

The truth is that hiring a reliable marine contractor helps build a quality structure that won’t require frequent repairs or replacement. They also provide an excellent warranty or guarantee to let you enjoy good peace of mind through long years and avoid unexpected expenses.

Moreover, a professional contractor will ensure the structure serves the purpose you want.

Hire the best marine contractor to get rid of common dock construction mistakes

Building a high-quality dock is a challenging and expensive project. Thus, remembering and avoiding these 7 dock construction mistakes help ensure the best outcomes. And it is always better to contact a professional marine contractor for your dock construction project.

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