All dock types need special attention in the dock repair process, read until the end and you will get all the information that you need to know before to hire a dock repair service.

Docks play an integral part in improving and maintaining your shoreline’s functionality. Just as the shoreline is varied, there are various types of dock systems in the market.

They range from the lightweight to heavy-duty versions and if you want one for residential or commercial purposes. It’s also possible to have one customized to your personal needs.

Whichever type you have, competent dock repairs in Fort Lauderdale company can help keep it well maintained.

Removable Docks.

These docks are easily built and taken away. This is the reason why they are a popular choice in areas with harsher climates where there is a huge risk of getting damaged due to environmental factors.

  1. Floating Docks
    As the name suggests, these piers don’t depend on the seabed for stability. They are uniquely built with anchors which are attached to the shore for stability.
    They are simply built and do not have any adverse effects on marine life or environment much. Besides, they are budget-friendly built using only barrels or other flotation modules.
  2. Pipe Docks
    Once again, these piers have minimal impact on the environment because they are not submerged in construction. They are lightweight in structure and the least expensive type of docks.
    Pipe piers are built on stationary legs which are located above the water. There are some models which may have wheels for its easy removal for repairs, changes, and maintenance.
  3. Permanent Docks
    These docks are meant for people looking for something that will last a long time on their shoreline. They are stable and durable enough in construction to withstand constant use.It is because unlike the floating docks which are built using pipes and barrels, these docks are built using the best materials available like timber and aluminum.The pier is usually built affixed to the sea bed. They are so sturdy and heavy in the structure that they have to be installed using heavy equipment. However, this strong build means that they are however perfect for commercial use where there is moderate or heavy foot traffic and workloads.

    It is based on the homeowner or business who decides if they want simple or complex permanent docks. Permanent docks are once again divided into two types:

    1- Crib Docks
    These piers comprise of weighted down containers called cribs which are filled with rocks or other stones. This not only works as an anchor but is also a solid foundation. The harbor is then built on top of the cribs and tied securely in place for easy waterfront access.

    2- Concrete harbors
    These docks are more suited for commercial marine activities. It comprises of a concrete foundation and a permanent structure that lasts for years. Though expensive, they are strong enough for heavy use.

Maintenance and dock repair in Fort Lauderdale.

No matter which type of dock you need, and for whatever reason it may serve, it may need some repairs if not well maintained. Lack of maintenance only leads to nails turning rusty and wood rotting.

You eventually end up with not a dock, but a structure that is not safe to use. This decay and problem are not surprising, because docks are constantly exposed to water. So there is no doubt the structure can get compromised with time. The only way you can make it last longer is with periodical inspections.

It is best to have your pier checked at least annually by trained specialists. This way all minor dock repairs in Fort Lauderdale are taken care of in time.

When you speak about maintenance, it involves things like applying sealer and stain where required, giving the dock a thorough pressure wash or perhaps replacing any rotten wood, old nails, and brackets.

After spending so much on your dock, and it being so important for the integral of your shoreline, you have to invest time in maintaining it too. If you live in Fort Lauderdale, you should maintain contact with a company that specializes in fort repairs Fort Lauderdale.

Any company that specializes in marine construction will be more than adept and competent at building and maintaining any type of dock you have.




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