As a waterside homeowner, you naturally wonder how much you may have to pay for dock repairs in Fort Lauderdale. As usual, the cost depends on the problem. Most simple repairs cost about $255 for parts and labor while the more difficult repairs may cost more than $4,000.

Homemakers may try to reduce costs by doing some simple repairs like replacing equipment like ladders and bumpers on their own. However it’s only advisable if you are a DIY person, otherwise, dock repairs in Fort Lauderdale are better left to the professionals.

Common Dock Repairs in Fort Lauderdale.

Docks are continuously exposed to water, wind and inclement weather which end up weakening the pilings and cables supporting the dock. The dock platform’s wood also deteriorates by dry rot and marine life.

There is also the chance of the boat protection abilities of bumpers and rails getting worn out with exposure to extreme temperatures and sun. Even the surrounding freezing water pressurizes dock parts.

All of this leads to these common dock repairs and replacements:

  • Decking boards.
  • Floats.
  • Underwater pilings and supporting cables.
  • Boat lifts.
  • Barrels and rope under floating docks.
  • Hardware holding the dock parts in place.
  • Rusty rails, ladders and dock bumpers

With so many types of repairs possible, the pros first inspect the dock’s integrity and extent of the damage. They go underwater to check the submerged parts.

If necessary, they remove and replace the existing pilings and platform. They then drive the new pilings into the ground and repair any damaged platform parts when on dry land.

Factors That Affect The Dock Repairs.

The labor and material costs fluctuate and increase or reduce dock repair costs. Floating docks are cheaper to repair than stationary ones because they are easier to access.

It’s also cheaper to repair dock accessories like bumpers and rails than replacing underwater parts like pilings. This is because underwater repairs need special equipment. besides, they are more difficult to access than parts above the waterline.

Even the type of water surrounding the dock affects dock repairs costs. Docks on lakes are cheaper to repair than docks near the ocean or river because of the absence of water currents. Other factors include costs for building permits and municipality inspections.

Material Costs.

If there’s any dock replacement needed, first consider which material you plan to use. Options range from wood to rot-resistant plastic and metal, available at different rates.

With the deck supporting people’s weight as they walk on it, durable boards are a better option. They will be able to withstand the pressure of use and work well with the climate.

Of the lot, the pressure-treated wood boards are popular and economical. While plastic composites are durable, they tend to attract mold and mildew in shady areas. Aluminum is slowly growing in popularity thanks to its durability and heat-dissipating features.

Importance Of Regular Dock Maintenance.

The best way to prevent extensive dock repairs in Fort Lauderdale is with proper dock maintenance. This includes cleaning the dock surface to remove accumulated algae, mildew and mold. All it needs is a pressure washer and using water-safe detergent.

In the meantime, minor repairs like sanding splinters on the dock surface should be done as soon as possible. Use treated wood to replace wood sections because it withstands the elements better. Painting or sealing the wood also helps by protecting the wood from decay.


Costs For Building A New Boat Dock.

The dock may need a replacement if minor repairs are not nipped in the bud. This is expensive and may cost between $2000 to $50,000. This depends on the water type, materials used, size and construction type. The costs increase if you need extras like electrical wiring, a boathouse, and lighting.

Instead of spending so much for a dock replacement, it’s better to maintain your dock, and have professionals perform all dock repairs in Fort Lauderdale on time.


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