An essential attribute of great docks is the use of the best dock construction materials. The right choice will leave you with a dock durable enough to sustain your purpose and the elements of your climate.

You may wonder what the best material is because there are so many to choose from. Here is some information about the popular docking construction materials and their independent characteristics.

Read on if you are thinking of constructing a dock and need help selecting the best material for dock building.

1.   Aluminum docks

There are various benefits to building an aluminum dock. They are:

  • Lightweight- Aluminum is lightweight, making it easier for you to install and remove during fall and winter seasons. It is at the same time sturdy enough for you to stand on, and to dock your boat.
  • Low maintenance– Aluminum is a naturally anti-corrosive material, meaning your dock will require minimum maintenance. Besides, it lasts longer because it doesn’t quickly rot or decay.
  • Valuable– An aluminum dock will increase your dock’s monetary value because it is more expensive than wooden docks. Your investment now will fetch you a better price if you plan to sell your property in the future.

An aluminum dock is ideal if you are looking for a lightweight and low maintenance dock that provides value for your money.

2.   Wooden docks

The benefits offered by wooden docks include:

  • Aesthetics- Homeowners especially prefer wooden docks because of its natural beauty. You have a wide choice of staining options to customize the pier to blend with your property.
  • Versatility– You can quickly spruce up a wooden dock by adding features like a sundeck to it.

So you should get yourself a wooden dock if its aesthetics and versatility that you want. However, it’s better to have it adequately winterized every year because wood is more exposed to the elements than aluminum. Winterizing prolongs its life and keeps it safe from possible damage.

3.   Steel docks

Steel is rather popular amongst docking construction materials. It’s the sturdiest of the lot, and at the same time expensive. That’s why it’s a preferred choice for commercial docks for the following reasons:

  • Strong– Steel is heavy and sturdy, making it difficult to move or destroy.
  • Durable– Steel is one of the more durable dock construction materials because they don’t shrink or corrode. Besides, they are very low in maintenance and long-lasting.

Steel should be your choice of dock construction materials if you want a durable and robust dock. However, it is a bit on the expensive side, so make sure it fits into your budget too.

4.   PVC

PVC is today a strong contender for building the perfect, top quality dock, thanks to its following traits:

  • Low maintenance– The fact that PVC is low in keeping is what makes it a popular choice for docks and decks. There’s no need to reseal, repaint or re-coat the dock. It is because PVC naturally resists mold, staining, mildew, and damage from sun and water exposure.
  • Heat dissipation- Unlike most docks, you no longer need to worry about stepping onto scalding hot docks if you have a PVC dock. It is because PVC decking effectively dissipates heat, letting you comfortably walk barefoot on it without fearing the heat.
  • Lightweight– Most old school docks and decks are massive and pose various size, shape, and construction restrictions. However, PVC is lightweight enough to offer more building flexibility and safety.
  • Termite and splinter-free- There’s no worry about termite infestations with a PVC docking. And unlike wooden docks, there’s no worry about finding dangerous splinters on them too.
  • Slip-resistant- PVC is one of the dock construction materials which can be designed to be slip-resistant. It, in turn, increases its style and your safety while on the dock.

A PVC dock is perfect if you are looking for something lightweight, safe, slip-resistant, low in maintenance, and effectively dissipating heat.

Now that you know about the different types of docking construction materials available, you have to choose based on each material’s features and benefits.

Do not forget to consider your budget, and the dock construction company you hire for the job. Look for an experienced company that will design and build your dock as per your budget and requirements.

You must work with an experienced dock builder. They will assure high-quality work using the best design, building process, and dock construction materials.

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