How Do Seawalls Prevent Erosion

Coastal erosion is a pressing problem that occurs along the coasts of the world, which is why various measures are being taken on many beaches to curb its effects. That is why today we want to show you how do seawalls prevent erosion.

Before continuing with this blog, you need to learn what erosion is and why you should worry. Coastal erosion is a phenomenon that occurs when waves that hit the shore slowly wear it down. As these waves move up the shore, they carry sand and sediment and redistribute it to the ocean floor and other areas.

The problem is that erosion can be made worse by factors such as strong winds, wave currents, and tidal currents. Therefore, they can wear down the shoreline quickly if you don’t have a seawall to protect it. If you are looking for the most effective way to prevent coastal erosion then make yourself comfortable and enjoy this post.

How Do Seawalls Prevent Erosion and Reasons You Should Build One

Seawalls are perhaps the most effective way to prevent erosion. They are basically structures that are built along the coast to prevent the waves from coming into contact with the sand and shore on the opposite side. It is true that boardwalks are very effective, but they can only provide protection if they are installed correctly.

These structures are a form of coastal defense that is built parallel to the shoreline to protect land and infrastructure from coastal flooding and erosion due to tidal waves. They can also be built to help stabilize a cliff, and they can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, concrete, rock, and steel sheet piles.

Waves are the most visible of the erosive elements, although tides and fauna also play an important role in this process. This type of erosion can therefore occur in rocks or sand. That is why the seawall must be properly installed

What Is Coastal Erosion?

Coastal Erosion

Marine erosion consists of the erosion of the coastal land and the removal of sediments from the sand dunes by ocean currents, waves and ocean currents.

When it occurs on coasts with few rocks, the erosion is more pronounced and faster. On the contrary, the rocky coasts erode more slowly. When there is a softer area than another in a reduced area, formations such as bridges, tunnels or natural pulars can occur.

How Does Marine Erosion Occur?

Marine Erosion

Maritime erosion is produced by two natural phenomena: waves and marine currents. On the other hand, it can also be produced by the action of some living beings, although this process does not intervene as much in erosion.


These have two stages of movement. The first occurs when the wave is constructive or swash; that is, when it is raised and hits the coastline.

The second happens when it becomes a hangover or backwash, which is when it acts as a blanket and drags the sediments into the sea.

This process produces a continuous compression and decompression effect that in turn generates a suction effect capable of producing cliff collapses.

Ocean currents

Its role is mainly dragging. The undertow of the wave produces a bottom current, which is a movement perpendicular to that of the shore current. 

The currents also produce a parallel motion when the waves strike the shores obliquely.

The differences between the high and low points of the tides also generate irregular currents. They are strongest when there is a large difference between low and high tide and the departure points at both times.

Storms Are the Main Causes of Marine Erosion

Storms Are the Main Causes of Marine Erosion

Storms are another factor to take into account. For example, on average in the Atlantic Ocean the waves have a force of 9765 Kg / m1, which can increase three times their force during heavy rains.At this time, cement blocks of more than 1000 metric tons have been moved.
An immediate and devastating factor is the earthquakes that produce tsunamis, whose effect can change the relief where it hits in a matter of hours.

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