You need to build a dock and must be contemplating building your dock instead of hiring a dock builder in Fort Lauderdale.

5 Important reasons to hire a dock builder in Fort Lauderdale

The so many YouTube channels and sites offering tips make the task look so easy. Besides, finding the necessary tools and materials isn’t a problem.

However, there’s a question you need to ask yourself before even attempting.

Ask yourself ‘if it is worth it’ because docks built without the right equipment, knowledge, and experience don’t generally last long. They are only a waste of your time, money, and effort. Besides, the following five reasons also show why it’s better to hire a professional deck builder to do so.


Why hire professional dock builders to build docks

1. Know dock construction codes

Most states have dock construction codes that keep the safety of people, wildlife, and boats in mind. You thus may need to submit site plans and other documents to get consent to build a dock.

Besides, while you don’t need a permit, you need a state’s written authorization to even repair and expand a dock.

Dock builders know all about this and can save your time by cutting through the red tape for approval of your dock project.


2. Proper site preparation

With each waterway affecting another waterway, improper site preparation may lead to your clocking your cover and canal’s drainage and water flow. You may even end up disturbing the waterway’s bottom and accumulated silt and debris.

There’s also the risk of shoreline erosion or clogging of branches and trash while building docks on improperly graded and finished spots.

Professional dock builders however don’t let these mistakes happen.

Dock builders are experienced and well aware of the importance of site preparation. They will thus first evaluate the area to decide on the best spot to build a dock. Based on the water depth and current, they prepare the place with proper drainage and develop an appropriate soil-anchoring system.

Remember, it’s always possible that a reaction in another region compensates for action in an area. It’s a competent and experienced dock builder who can help avoid this through proper site preparation.


3. Expert knowledge

It’s not enough to build a dock.

You should build one that’s durable enough to withstand possible storms. Your port should be strong enough to remain still and not move even in low-and high-water conditions.

Professional deck builders can do just that. They can analyze and decide on the best spot to build a solid and sturdy dock that lasts for years, withstanding any weather conditions.


4. Can promptly perform repairs

Besides, your dock is at risk of getting damaged due to a disaster or natural weather condition. Professionals know how to restore your dock effectively if this happens, spending minimal time and money on repairs.

However, you won’t know how to make repairs and will most probably end up making things worse than good! Besides, professionals who know the initial construction details can make repairs to leave you with a dock that’s more resilient than before.


5. Know how to build docks as per requirements

You need to know and decide upon before building a dock is deciding how and why you will use it. You can then design and develop your dock accordingly.

For example, you need a dock:

  • That’s not too close to the water surface but has stairs leading to the water surface mainly for dining, swimming, and sunbathing.
  • Near the water surface to facilitate easy entering and exiting into the watercraft if you will use the dock to launch small vessels like kayaks
  • That’s strong enough to withstand the pushing and pulling of the ropes, chains, and other larger boat moorings.
  • That’s high enough to step onto the boat deck easily and pass things from the deck to the boat.

Your professional dock builder in Fort Lauderdale knows all this and will design and build the right dock for you to enjoy as required.


Hire professionals to save your time and money

In short, it’s not enough to have power tools and the best materials to build a dock. You also need the experience, knowledge, and expertise of a reliable and accomplished dock builder in Fort Lauderdale.

So instead of wasting time and money attempting to build a dock yourself, let the professionals handle it. They will create a unique, reliable, durable, and functional dock to serve you for decades.

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