Deck construction could be enjoyable, especially while thinking of its design and purpose. However, you must also select the correct piles to lay a stable foundation before starting your project.

Now, there are a few pile types available, making it difficult for newbies like you to make a choice.

Thus, you should know about screw piles and why the best piling contractor suggests this type for deck construction.

What are screw piles?

Screw piling is a foundation type that involves a long metal shaft with screw flanges. During installation, a machine drives the pile by rotating it into the ground until it reaches the ideal depth.

This pile is similar to others. It carries a structure’s weight and transfers the load to a suitable layer underground. Also, compact underground soil will hold the foundation for reliable structural support.

For instance, you want to build a dock on your property, but the surface soil is not dense enough. Your dock will collapse if you construct it directly on the ground. However, screw pilings will prevent this by directing the structure’s load to dense underground soil for additional support.

Why do piling companies prefer screw piles for deck construction?

As mentioned above, screw piles serve a similar purpose to other variants. However, it offers unique benefits for your deck construction project, like:

1 – Suitable for different deck types

Remember that screw piles are simple shafts of steel driven through the ground upon installation and durable enough to hold heavy structures like your dock.

Thus, this is suitable for deck types like:

  • Simple backyard deck
  • Wraparound deck
  • Multi-tier or two-story deck
  • Detached deck
  • Dock

2- Easy to install

Screw piles are relatively easier to install than other types because of their screw flanges. So, you don’t need to dig out the soil before inserting the shaft or handle concrete pouring for the foundation. Besides, its installation is quick, usually requiring only one day.

However, it would help if you still had a piling contractor for the following reasons:

  • To secure necessary construction permits
  • To survey the location to avoid hitting underground hard rocks or utility lines
  • To provide high-quality options with the ideal length for your project
  • Bring the correct installation machine
  • Install the piling with accurate position, location, and depth

Conforming to these points helps ensure quality piling for a foundation and let’s you begin your construction project immediately.

3- Applicable for different locations

Screw piling is also suitable for use in different locations, whether on land or water. It’s why you often see this pile type used for docks.

Moreover, its installation only requires compact machines and a few professional installers. So its installation is suitable for small areas like your yard, without damaging your landscaping.

However, the piles may need an additional coating to protect them from harsh elements like heat, water, and snow. It’s better to consult a piling company about it.

4 – Environment friendly

This pile type minimally affects the environment while mining the materials and manufacturing. However, the actual installation and use of the piling don’t damage the environment.

You don’t need to move dug-out soil to other locations when installing. Moreover, the metal shafts don’t release substances or fumes that may harm the environment around the piling, thus making them safer for your health.

On a side note, screw piles last long, so you don’t need to replace them after only a few years. It’s another eco-friendly point because you don’t need to buy newly manufactured products for frequent replacements.

5- A worthy investment

Piling companies believe that screw piles are worthy investments for deck construction. Screw piling may not be the cheapest option, but it offers excellent benefits you can’t get from other variants.

For example, it lasts long, so you don’t need to replace it frequently. It means you don’t need to spend more on replacements. It also keeps your deck in excellent condition and prevents structure collapse.

Moreover, they can carry an enormous load. So, you can build a deck with different purposes on these pilings, like one to serve as a platform for your workshop.

Call the best piling contractor for quality screw piles for your deck

Screw piles offer a lot of benefits for deck construction. As reliable piling companies suggest using them to support any deck type, it’s worth hiring one to install them for your deck construction.

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