What do our dock repair services include?

What do our dock repair services include?

You’ve finally got your dream boat and a dock to keep it safe when it’s not in use. With your ship depending on the dock for security, you must maintain it well.

And the best way to do it is with routine dock inspections, repairs, and services. Catching minor dock repairs early helps prevent excessive damage and repair costs down the road.

This is where we can help you. Here are eight types of dock repair services we can offer you.

Dock repair services

1. Splintered wooden board repairs

Splintered wooden board repairs

The deck boards of wood docks tend to splinter with time, wear, and tear. Depending on the splintering extent, we will decide to sand down or replace the boards. While replacing, we recommend upgrading the dock to composite boards. They come with a natural wood-like look, texture, and design and do not splinter with time.

2. Rusted frames, platform, or support

Look out for rust if you have a wood and metal dock. The constant exposure to water leads to an accumulation of moisture, resulting in rusted dock supports and platforms.

If it’s just rust stains, we can remove them with commercial rust removal products.

However, if there are rusty parts, we may advise replacing the broken or rusty parts, or upgrading the frame. While replacing small rusted parts solves the problem, we suggest replacing the dock if an extensive area is rusty.

3. Float replacement

Float replacement

A sinking section in floating docks signifies wear and tear over the years and that something is amiss. We can repair your floating dock by replacing a float or two.

4. Dock support repairs or replacement

Strong waves and currents can lead to wooden dock structures bending or warping under its pressure. The support may crack and break if the damage or bend is too substantial.

In some cases, we may be able to flatten mildly warped boards using a bar clamp. We may, however, consider replacing individual beams with cracks. However, in case of big cracks and significant warping and bending, the only option lies in replacing the boat deck.

If you need to replace the deck; it’s better to go for composite decking. They may be a relatively expensive option, but they are easier to maintain. Besides, its wood, plastic, and natural fiber combination renders it moisture and insect-resistant.

5. Foundation repairs

Foundation repairs

The foundation isn’t considered safe anymore if you can’t set the dock posts at least 4 feet in the ground. It’s usually years of exposure to ocean waves and underwater creatures that lead to a risky foundation.

A deteriorated boat dock foundation is a clear sign of danger that requires immediate repair and possible replacement. We suggest replacing the docks if you have a majorly damaged, cracked, or eroded underwater foundation.

6. Rotten wood repairs or replacement

Sometimes no matter how well you maintain the dock, constant contact with saltwater leads to rotting on the dock. Sometimes it’s not just the contact with water. There is also the possibility of wood rotting because of the fungus in the water.

We can repair the damage with new lumber if the rotting is restricted to small areas. We recommend using pressure-treated, marine-grade certified wood that’s sealed while making replacements.

Sealing the wood helps because it keeps moisture out and prevents rotting. However, if the rotting spreads simultaneously to multiple areas, it’s better and cheaper to replace the entire boat dock.

7. Restaining for discoloration

Restaining for discoloration

We can help bring back the color to your hardwood deck if it turns grey despite all your maintenance and cleaning efforts. All it usually needs is a little restaining.

We use water-based stains or preservatives on your dock. We also recommend applying them in the off-season when water levels are low. The low water levels make it easier to cover the dock, and keep the stain away from the water for some time.

8. Replacing rub rails

Time, natural elements, wear, and tear can also take their toll on your dock rails. We can replace worn-out dock edging and rails that protect your boat and the port.

We use marine-grade quality vinyl dock edging, which doesn’t deteriorate or crack under constant exposure to water, sun, and fluctuating temperatures.

So do turn to us for help if you have some dock problems and need some dock repair services. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a treatment solution, some repairs, or a major dock replacement.

Your local dock builder is always ready to help you out.

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