Specialty boat lifts are designed for certain applications where the standard boat lift is not the most appropriate method. Maybe due to limitations or personal preferences. Lifts serve a very important purpose for your watercraft. No matter the location, the size of your boat or the body of water it will be used in. A lift is crucial to the lifespan of your boat and equipment.

They also help minimize the maintenance work and costs. And since the longevity of your boat and equipment is guaranteed, you avoid replacing any of these. Lifts are easy to use, and they can make the process of getting in the water a lot easier. No matter if you live by the shore, or on a lake, a boat lift is guaranteed to make things better for you and your boat. Allowing you to further enjoy your time by the water with no complications.

Specialty boat lifts types

Specialty boat lifts are a type of boat lift themselves. However, we can find three major types of them. Each one is unique to a specific application.

  1. Preferred by many homeowners because there are no beams to avoid when boarding the boat or to obstruct the view of the waterway. Usually made of stainless steel or maintenance-free aluminum.
  2. This design is ideally suited at the ends of canals where waterway rights are limited to pie shaped wedges. Made of aluminum and stainless steel to guarantee its longevity. There are no complex cable routings and no underwater load bearing cable tie offs.
  3. Marine Railway. These lifts are ideal for beach access or other gradual slope conditions where there are no deep-water docks or seawalls. This type of specialty boat lift is often used to pull boats or seaplanes onto dry land, into boat houses or inside garages. With aluminum rails, and a low-profile carriage with vinyl covered aluminum bunks.

Specialty boat lifts safety precautions

It is important to take certain safety precautions before the installation process of your preferred boat lift. It is a heavy piece of equipment, which means it is important that every person involved in the installation process has read the instructions. Being careful will ensure the process goes along smoothly and without any sort of incidents.

It is necessary to understand that these lifts function with electricity. Therefore, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done carefully. It is recommended to have all the wiring done y a licensed electrician. and it must be installed with an approved ground fault interruption device. If you observe severe damage in your wiring, it must be repaired immediately to prevent any accidents.

Be careful not to exceed the rated capacity of the lift. Read the boat manufacturer’s guide to know its weight. Similarly, study your lift’s specifications to make sure you don’t exceed the limits. Be sure to add extra weight to your calculations, since gasoline tends to weight at least 6lbs per gallon. And every accessory or equipment in the boat can add weight to it as well.

Specialty boat lifts installation

Before you begin you must collect the required tools for the installation of your specialty boat lift, which include:

  • A chain saw
  • 10” level
  • 2’ level
  • Screwdrivers
  • Claw Hammer
  • Cable cutter
  • Electricians pilers

Amongst, several others. It is important that you understand that the pilings are the foundation of any boat lift. These must be able to carry the weight of the lift, and a fully loaded watercraft. The boat positioning is also elemental in the installation process. It should be positioned so that its center of gravity is on the cradle and bunks. Boats that are improperly positioned on the lift can overload one cradle beam, resulting in damage to it.

You should prepare the pilings and set them in position according to the specifications of the boat lift you chose. After the pilings are in position, you must proceed to the mounting of powerheads to the piling. Most lifts come with pre—assembled powerheads. Then you must proceed with the wiring process, it is recommended that it is done by a specialist. Finally, it is time to add the aluminum bunks and the guide posts, to finish.

Benefits of a specialty boat lift

Buying a boat lift can be a difficult decision for most boat owners. Some people think it’s unnecessary and will only be a waste of money. However, nowadays, they are widely used by many boat owners, especially due to the benefits they can provide. Some of these benefits include:

  • No worries. You won’t have to worry about your boat untying from the dock anymore. A boat lift protects your watercraft even when you are not around. Also, no more stressing over your boat sinking at the dock.
  • Prevents damage. Storing a boat on the water is the main cause for damage under the water line. Harsh weather conditions can lead to a lot of wear and tear that will reduce your boat’s longevity. Not to mention, wet storage can lead to hull blisters and other damages to props and shafts.
  • Prevents corrosion and algae. Algae is a very big concern if you store your boat on the water, since it can start collecting on the exterior of the boat. Resulting in layers of scum that can be difficult to remove. Corrosion can also occur and lead to leaks if you’re not careful.
  • Save money. Although you may see a boat lift as a big investment, it will only lead you to saved money. You won’t have to spend too much on maintenance, since storing your boat above the water prevents much of the damage. By prolonging the boat’s life, you will save the money of a hypothetic replacement.

A specialty boat lift is the best way to ensure your watercraft is as safe as possible. There are so many reasons why this piece of machinery will help you protect your watercraft. If you are thinking of getting one, you can be certain that whatever type of lift you choose, will be helpful in maintaining the longevity of your boat, and keeping you worry-free.

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