What is a Personal Watercraft Lift?

A Personal watercraft lift or PWC lift is an apparatus that is bolted onto a dock. This apparatus is designed to raise a watercraft in and out of the water when it’s not being used. This has many benefits including the prevention of corrosion caused by salt water. Having a PWC Lift guarantees your watercraft’s protection and longevity.

A personal watercraft, also called water scooter is a recreational watercraft. The rider sits or stands on it rather than being inside of it as they would in a boat. There are two styles, the “sit down” and the “stand up”. In the former, the rider is mainly sitting down and it can fit up to two people. The latter, as its name indicates, is used standing up, and it can fit only one rider, it is used mainly for tricks and races.

Personal watercraft lifts are easy to operate, they are quite necessary as well. Many PWC owners don’t realize that they shouldn’t leave their watercraft on the water all the time. Not only because the elements can cause damage to them, but also, they can be hit by other PWC’s or even boats. If you want to protect your investment, then getting a PWC lift is your perfect solution.

How does a personal watercraft lift work?

Just like a larger boat lift, a PWC lift is positioned next to a dock. It mechanically lifts the watercraft out of the water. PWC lifts can be either free-standing, or attached to a solid dock. The watercraft will be raised and lowered by a winch, that can be either hand-cranked or powered by an electric motor. There are electric models with a solar-charged DC battery. 

When you want to go out in the water riding your watercraft, you simply have to lower the lift. Once the ride is over, all you need to do is park the PWC on the bunks, get on the dock and lift the watercraft.  However, a lift may not be the best option in areas where there is significant tide or the bottom drops off very quickly. Also, lifts need to be pulled out of the water in colder climates.

Benefits of having a personal watercraft lift

A water scooter is a good way to have a great time in the sea. Which is why ensuring your watercraft is safe, is a priority. From preventing corrosion and damage caused by the elements to protecting your watercraft from theft. There are many benefits to having a personal watercraft lift. 

A watercraft that is constantly splashed around in the water gets a lot of wear and tear that can lead to serious damage. You will never have to worry about the watercraft becoming untied, or breaking moorage. Also, you won’t have to worry about your PWC sinking on the dock. Since a lift is the best way to keep your watercraft protected at all times.

Storing your watercraft in the water can lead to serious damage underneath the waterline. Difficult weather conditions in which the water level shifts or debris is present can cause a lot of damage to the watercraft. This damage shortens the PWC’s life. Having a lift can greatly diminish these damages.

Algae is another important element to take into account. It can accumulate on the exterior of your watercraft, which results in layers of moist scum. This scum can be difficult to remove and it will take much effort and time. Another benefit, which is long-term, it’s that it saves money. Fixing damages caused by corrosion or even getting a new PWC can be expensive, by installing a lift, you can prolong the life of your watercraft.

How to take care of a PWC lift during winter?

Freezing water expands, melts, refreezes and expands again with enough pressure to destroy whatever material left in the water. Floating pieces of ice can move with the current, crashing or getting caught with anything on their path. There are lifts conditioned to withstand this sort of weather. However, most lifts do require to be stored away during winter.

The best option is to remove and winterize your boating equipment if you’re not planning to use it once cold temperatures hit. If you choose to store your lift inside then you should find a guide for uninstallation. However, if you live in an area where the water doesn’t freeze, then you can leave your personal watercraft lift in the water for winter.

Personal watercraft lifts in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is full of sea-related activities. From relaxing at the beach to Jet-Skiing, it’s a place where everyone can have fun in the water. If you are a tourist in Fort Lauderdale, then you can rent boats and personal watercraft. But if you live in the area, chances are you own a PWC yourself. 

Having a personal watercraft means having a good time. Whether you’re a professional rider participating in races and competitions or if you just drive around for fun. You must guarantee the safety and longevity of your PWC. The best way to do so is to get yourself a personal watercraft lift.

You will protect your water scooter from the salt water’s corrosiveness, as well as from the algae. Ensuring your watercraft remains as preserved from the elements as possible. It will save you the money it would take to repair the corrosion related damages or even to get a new watercraft. You can enjoy your time at the water without having to worry about any of these things.

You can anchor your PWC lift to a private dock if you have one at your home. If you don’t, you can keep your watercraft in one of the many docks where you can rent a space. You can still have your watercraft attached to your reserved space in the dock. A PWC lift also protects your watercraft from possible sinking and even from theft. Anyways, having personal watercraft lifts in Fort Lauderdale is an excellent decision. 

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