Now let’s see. It all depends on what you need to do. 

If you know you have some dock repairs to take care of, then a marine contractor is the right person to call. 

However, when you aren’t sure what the problem is, you wonder the more capable person for the job is. 

You wonder if it’s a marine contractor or a home inspector?

Well, it’s a marine contractor because any marine work is better taken care of them. However, you may wonder if you should first hire a home inspector to inspect and report its condition. 

A report can be enlightening because it explains the problems. But, remember that the repairs will have to be eventually performed by the marine contractor. 

You can make a better choice if you understand each person’s responsibilities, and their pros and cons. 

Who are marine contractors?

Marine contractors are specialists in the building, maintenance, and repair of marine and freshwater structures. It includes docks, boat ramps, oceanic basins, and erosion control projects like jetties, artificial beach nourishment, seawalls, bulkhead, and vegetative stabilization. 

Just no one can do this work. 

It needs the use of unique and sophisticated equipment like barges, pumps, cranes, and clamshell cranes. This type of equipment is not used for general inland construction projects. 

Marine contractors not only have this equipment, but they also know how to use them, even in diverse conditions. Besides, they can complete shoreline construction projects much quicker and efficiently than inland contractors. 

Who are home inspectors?

Home inspectors are professionals trained and certified in performing home inspections. They prepare and deliver an unbiased report of their inspection findings. It is then left to you to read their results and decide on what you should do next. 

You will want to hire a home inspector to give an unbiased opinion about a house before buying it. Based on the report, you have to decide if it’s worth investing in the place. 

You can also get an idea of how much more repairs the house may require, and if the repair cost is well worth the investment. 

So they will do the same thing when it comes to your dock or seawall. 

They will inspect it and give a report; but the repairs have to be taken care of by the marine contractor. 

Marine contractors make a better choice

Considering the fact that marine contractors eventually make the repairs, they make the first choice here.

Their main work lies in building docks and seawalls and thus has more experience and knowledge about it. They will be better versed and competent to tackle any dock repair work you may have.

It’s unlike home inspectors. 

Yes, while home inspectors may know more about house construction, there’s a difference between homes and docks construction. So their knowledge won’t be of much help when it comes to docking repair. 

Home inspectors are an unnecessary additional expense

As the name suggests, home inspectors are only inspection companies. 

Their job is only to provide you with unbiased and, most of the time, accurate opinions. They do not take care of the repairs. 

You will have to look for someone else to do it for you. 

So hiring them will be more like an additional expense. You will have to hire a second person, probably a marine contractor, to take care of your dock repairs eventually!

Experience is the deciding factor

Most importantly, home inspectors are not qualified or experienced for the job of inspecting docks and seawalls. Yes, they may have taken a few classes on dock repairs, but it doesn’t make them an expert!

It’s only through experience and regular inspections of sea walls and docks that you will trust their opinion. Besides, it’s doubtful that they can inspect different types of seawalls, docks, and damage types. 

Marine contractors may be expensive but are worth it

But the marine contractor’s expertise comes at a cost. Their costs may be a bit high when compared to home inspectors. 

However, if you consider that their expertise will prove instrumental with a better and more complete dock repair, then it’s worth it. 

So when it comes down to who you should hire, it’s no doubt a marine contractor. 

Remember, the only reason you may be considering hiring someone in the first place is that you doubt that something is amiss. 

So instead of getting a home inspector for an inspection, it’s better, quicker, and cheaper to hire your marine contractor in the first place! 

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