Are you planning to build a deck on your property?

You probably know that a reliable foundation is crucial for a deck’s long-time structural integrity as it helps avoid unwanted accidents like deck collapse because of weak support.

Thus, you should pick the correct foundation type for a stable deck based on the pile driving benefits to deck construction.

What is Pile Driving and Why is It Important for a Deck

Pile driving involves long and sturdy beams driven through the soil to support infrastructures like houses, buildings, and your deck.

The piling is usually of steel, concrete, timber, and other durable materials to carry and transfer the load of the entire structure deep into the ground. This support is vital for constructions on areas with loose or weak ground surfaces, like on sandy or marine areas.

For example, you need extra foundation support to build a dock on a sandy beach because of the loose sand. Before constructing the port, piles are driven through the ground until it reaches a stable point, like a rock layer. The support facilitates the weight of the dock to bypass the loose sand and directly transfer the load to the rock layer.

Moreover, the piling process will displace some surface soil, which moves back to its place, thus giving additional support to the driven piles.

They will keep the structure stable and prevent unwanted accidents like deck collapse. Quality piling will last for many years despite being exposed to different weather elements, especially if adequately protected or treated.

How to Optimize Your Deck’s Support

As mentioned above, piling provides superior support for different structures like decks. However, providing support is very crucial, which is why piling contractors consider these vital points to ensure maximum and optimized deck support:

  • Accurate depth

It is crucial to drive the piling deep enough until they reach ideal underground layers for support.

Thus, contractors first survey the area and then select the correct sized piles to reach the ideal depth and still leave enough length above the surface.

2. Correct type

You need to select the correct piling variant depending on the purpose of your structure and your budget. There are different options available, each with its individual properties.

Consult a reliable piling contractor to know which pile type best fits your needs:

  • Wood Pilings

Wood is the most affordable pile type suitable for deck construction. 

However, you should select the correct wood that can provide enough support to the structure. Moreover, most wood piles need proper treatment to prevent rot and withstand different elements like water, heat, and snow.

  • Steel Pilings

Steel piles are also common for deck construction as they are affordably priced and can withstand different weather elements.

However, steel piles with corrosion protection help maintain your decks’ structural integrity.

  • Fiberglass Piling

Fiberglass piling is an expensive but worthy investment for your deck’s foundation.

It has superior durability and can last up to 30 years. You also do not even have to worry about rusting and rotting in harsh weather exposure.

3. Pile protection

Most pile types need an additional protection layer to withstand harsh elements like water, heat, and pest infestation. Contractors add these protective treatments before driving the piles into the ground.

For example, wood pilings need proper treatment, while the steel variants need anti-corrosion protection to last long. The piles’ top portion exposed beyond the ground surface should also have protective caps.

Some piling like fiberglass, concrete, and Greenheart wood can last long without additional protection.

Ask your piling contractor about the best pile protection for a reliable deck foundation.

4. Proper Installation

Professional installation is crucial to optimize the support pilings can provide. And reliable piling contractors have the necessary skills, experience, and tools for the best outcomes.

For example, they can accurately determine the exact position to drive the pile through the ground. As mentioned above, piling contractors can also know the precise depth that piles should reach.

Proper installation involves correct driving techniques as well. The contractors will hammer the piles or rotate them like a screw through the ground. However, they will not dig out the soil to retain the support that compact soil can provide.

Hire the Best Piling Contractor before Building a Deck

Quality piling keeps your deck’s structural integrity for a long time and helps avoid collapse. And calling a reliable pile driving company enables you to get the best support for your deck construction.

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