Signs of Seawall Failures

The boardwalks are renowned for their strength and durability. This construction is vital for coastal areas where the sea impacts directly. The storm and hurricane season is approaching; therefore, we want to teach you how to identify these signs of seawall failures. It is important repair these errors in time so that your property is not at risk.

It is normal for the seawalls to age and deteriorate over time. This happens because of waves hitting concrete slabs, tropical storms, heating and cooling cycles in concrete, and more. It is important that you know that a breakwater needs to be renewed when it begins to show signs of wear.

The difficult thing is to identify how much damage begins and that is why you should read our post. We created this guide to help you accomplish this task. You should know that some of these failures are difficult to correct so you may have to call an expert to help you. If you have any questions or need help then contact us, we are the local experts.

These Are the Most Common Signs of Seawall Failures and How to Solve Them

A breakwater is a construction that protects, for example, a port from the influence of the waves since they break there and reduce the energy with which they reach the coast. It is made up of stones, concrete walls, or wooden stakes that stick out of the water.

Basically, it is a structure built with the purpose of forming an artificial port with a basin protected from the effect of the waves to provide safe docking for fishing vessels. Follow or guide and learn how to identify these common signs of seawall failures: 

  1. Verify that the anchor rod is not damaged
  2. Seawall cover failure is a danger sign
  3. Loss of berm in front of the seawall
  4. Lack of maintenance can damage the seawall

There are some damages that are so deep that you may need to change the entire structure. We know that a structure like this, which is exposed to climatic changes, can suffer a wide variety of damages, but we wanted to focus on the four most common. The hurricane season is approaching and we want you to be prepared, let’s not waste any more time and continue with this blog.

Verify That the Anchor Rod Is Not Damaged

Verify that the anchor rod is not damaged

It is true that seawalls are very resistant, but you must also understand that it is normal for them to be damaged over time. Prolonged exposure to salt water and the tide can cause the rod fasteners to deteriorate and cause some board failure. The most expensive warning sign is that the misalignment of the boardwalk, if you notice that the structure moves with the tide then you should call an expert.

If you want to make sure the seawall has this problem then you must fully expose the rod from the anchor block to the top of the jetty.

Seawall Cover Failure Is a Danger Sign

Seawalls Cover

Exposure to salt water for long periods of time can also cause the steel used to reinforce the concrete deck to corrode and expand. This is one of the biggest problems your seawall could face. This problem causes cracks to develop and eventually the entire jetty cover breaks. You must be careful when checking the structure of the boardwalk, we advise you to seek professional help.

The problem is that the loss of concrete and the exposure of corroded steel considerably weakens the lid and the structure of the seawall. Cracks in the lid cause the wall to become out of alignment and the structure to weaken.

Loss of Berm in Front of the Seawall

Berm in Front of the Seawall

This problem causes the wall to move towards the outside of the structure. Excess loading can cause partition piles to develop horizontal screams. The problem is that reinforcing steel is exposed to salty water and can corrode quickly. If you want to be prepared to face a storm then you’d better reinforce the seawall structure.

You should know that this problem is very common in all concrete structures. Seawalls can present some structural failures, the result of some factors such as the tide, the rain, the sun, and much more.

Lack of Maintenance Can Damage the Seawall

Lack of Maintenance Can Damage the Seawall

Some people believe that because seawalls are resistant they will not damage, and that is a mistake. Although they are concrete, they require maintenance and upkeep to verify that everything is fine. The benefit of maintaining it is that it will help you identify problems before they become serious. Also, lack of proper maintenance causes corrosion and breakdown.

Need help? Then call us! Our experts are ready and equipped to help you solve any problem. The easiest way to identify a fault is to call an expert and let them take care of everything. Don’t let time pass or problems can get worse, we can help you inspect and repair your seawall.




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